About Us


L A Bridge began as a web hosting provider in 1994 and specialized in database driven storefronts for bookstores and anyone with a large inventory. In 1996 the company added dial-up and ISDN to itt's list of services. Since 1999 we have specialized in copper DSL and in 2009 began fiber optic broadband offering throughout Southern California. Whether you're in Santa Barbara or Laguna Beach, Venice or Palm Springs, you can enjoy the service and speed that keeps long term L A Bridge customers raving.

Keep the copper at your home or small business:
  • aDSL download speeds 1.5Mb, 3Mb 5Mb or 7Mb
  • StandAlone DSL (aka dry loop or naked) available in Vz territory
  • T-1 and T-3 circuits are available for business applications like VoIP & hosting
Reign in the light with L A Bridge fiber optics
  • 10Mb up 2Mb down
  • 50Mb up 2Mb down

The L A Bridge network connects directly to MAE-LA, the largest backbone interconnect in the world.  We are one hop from Internet-2 and the "exchange" we connect through is outfitted with 10 Gigabit ethernet that is no where near capacity.  These attributes translate to high performance and high reliability.